My name is Rickie Cotton and I am running for Santa Rosa County Commissioner for District 2. I have recently retired after serving 32 years as a Deputy with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Department. I grew up here, I have served my entire career here, and I have raised my family here.


I have not only watched my family grow up in this area I have watched several of your families grow over the past several decades. This community is a family and it is important that we continue take care of one another and remember that we are more than just a community, we are family. My hope is to take that feeling of community and family to the county commissioner’s office.

I have found no greater honor than serving the people of Santa Rosa County. As my career was coming to an end my goal was to find a new opportunity to serve the people of this great county. Allowing me to serve as your next county commissioner would allow me to continue to serve the people of this community.


I see your frustrations, I hear your frustrations because as your family and a member of your community I see you, I hear you, I am you.